• 【Product Name】 10BB M10 Mono PERC Cell
  • 【Product Model】LWM10BB-PERC-182
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Product introduction

Dimensions:        182mm x 182mm±0.5mm

                            With 247mm±0.5mm diameter

Thickness(Si):     180μm±20μm

Front(-):               0.08±0.0.3mm wide sliver busbars with 17.30mm space

                            Silicon nitride anti-reflection coating

Back(+):              2.1±0.3mm wide silver soldering pads with 17.30mm space

                           Aluminum local back-surface field



1. Outstanding Power Output per Cell: up to 7.49W

2. Efficiency: up to 22.70%

3. M10 larger size wafers with PERC+SE MBB Smart Technology

4. Superior quality-Color Uniformity,Low Breakage Rate etc

5. Reference cell calibrated from Fraunhofer

6. ISO 9001,ISO 14001 and CQC etc quality systems certificated